Regardless of the choice you had made to either sell Rocket or Groot earlier in the game, you will face a showdown with Lady Hellbender’s monstrous pet, the Dweller-In-Darkness, who will test every facet of combat that you’ve learned up until this point in the game. While this battle may seem overwhelming and quite chaotic at first, you can best this beast with some patience while utilizing your team’s varied strengths in combat.

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The Dweller’s head is invulnerable. Instead, attack its limbs right away. Doing so will have its stagger bar filling up slowly but surely. When the Dweller’s limbs are out of range:

  • Save Gamora, Drax, and Groot’s abilities until the Dweller is Staggered.
  • Use Quill’s Element Guns with their ice ability to slightly slow the Dweller’s attacks.
  • Use Rocket’s explosive ranged abilities to fill stagger bar quicker.

Be patient and get your attacks in when you can. When the Dweller is finally staggered, it will fall to the ground with two of its limbs now sprawled in front of you. From here:

  • Focus on one limb at a time.
  • Send Gamora and Drax in with heavy-hitting attacks.
  • Keep limbs on the ground with Groot’s entangle ability, giving you more time to damage it.

Once you’ve done enough damage, a prompt will appear above the limb, hitting it in time will send one of your team to sever it away from the Dweller.

From here, you will be attacked by the jelly creatures (who are weak against your ice ammo) from earlier as the Dweller continues its attacks. Deal with them and repeat the cycle of attacking the Dweller’s limbs until they’re all gone, which will send it into a final stage of attacks by spitting out enemies and bombs from its head.

Pay attention to when a bomb appears on the battlefield (they will have a highlighted explosion radius before detonating), freeze the bomb with the Element Guns, and hit the prompt. This will send Drax to throw it back at the Dweller, dealing massive gains to the stagger bar. When the Dweller is staggered, light it up with damage and the fight will be over soon.

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