As if Elden Ring wasn’t tough enough, you can find locations called Evergaols littered throughout the world map that contain challenging bosses and worthwhile rewards. You can find the tough boss Ancient Hero of Zamor tucked away in the Weeping Evergoal, located in the southwest portion of the map, just east of the Fourth Church of Marika’s Site of Grace.

Note: to unlock the Evergaol, you’ll have to obtain and use a Stonesword Key.

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Once inside the Evergaol, exit the circle and move toward the purple crack in the ground—Zamor will materialize, and this two-phase battle will begin. While he may not seem intimidating, his attacks hit extremely hard, and he uses frost abilities, which can eventually send you into the frostbite status effect.

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Zamor isn’t without weakness, however. Come to the fight primed with fire abilities or items to imbue your weapons with flame attributes. Also, equip any armor that will give you a boost against frost and ice damage.

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Zamor will advance with a mix of heavy-hitting melee attacks and devastating ice attacks, but there are ways to counter both while finding opportunities to do some damage of your own. When Zamor melee attacks:

  • Keep dodging and diving—forget about blocking unless you have stacked shield and poise stats.
  • Dive toward him when he winds up for a slash and counter out of your roll as he stops his swing.

The battle can be fairly fast-paced when you’re up close with Zamor—stay ready on that dodge and roll button and get your shots in while you can. When Zamor uses his ice attacks:

  • Ice Breath—Zamor will take a knee and blow ice that will effect a cone-shaped area in front of him. When he kneels, sprint to either direction to avoid it. If you’re fast enough, you can circle around and get a hit on him.
  • Ice Blast—Zamor will charge up while stationary and unleash an explosion that will knock you back and inflict frost damage.

He’ll stay with this pattern until you knock about half of his health bar away, sending you to the next phase.

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Zamor will fall to a knee and bow his head, charging his frost abilities. You’ll have a few solid seconds to wail on him as he charges, but don’t stay there long—he’ll unleash a devastating blizzard attack that will destroy your health bar and inflict a ton of frost damage. Proceed as follows:

  • Stay Defensive—Zamor will relentlessly attack you with multi-hit combos, with all of his attacks now dealing frost damage.
  • Keep dodging and rolling—your windows of opportunity will come up close and between his combos. Counter when possible.
  • Avoid his Blizzard Attack at all costs—when he charges it up, back away as far as you can and avoid that area.
  • Fire away—use any fire ablities that you can for big chunk damage to his HP.

Chip away until you defeat the Ancient Hero of Zamor, and you will be rewarded with the powerful Zamor Curved Sword and Zamor Armor Set, along with a boatload of XP.

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