Once you clear the first two stages of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, a third appears—the Brawl in the Mall—with a surprise boss fight in Gorimondo. Walk up the escalator, and choose among one of three Copy Abilities. Bomb, Sword, and Ice are equally effective, so your choice depends on which playstyle suits you.

But which copy ability should I pick to beat Gorimondo?

  • Kirby’s sword ability allows him to hack and slash up close.
  • The bomb ability lets him throw multiple explosives in quick succession, making them set each other off.
  • Ice lends Kirby improved speed as he skates rather than walks and can blow icy air.
  • Note that when you defeat Gorimondo, you can challenge him again with Evolved Copy Abilities. That means more powerful bombs, a bigger sword, and ice projectiles.

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When you walk into the room on the right, you’ll see a giant, angry gorilla stomping around outside the second-story window, and he’ll see you. Gorimondo has five attacks. He will swoop one arm in a wide circle, which you can avoid by keeping low to the ground. If you can’t avoid it, try to use good timing to jump and hover over the swoop. Remember to let the air out of Kirby’s mouth so you can stop hovering way too slowly and run to dodge the next attack.

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If you’re far enough away, Gorimondo will aim boulders in your direction and take quite a bit of health if one hits. Dodge by always running to one side, then inhale the stars that each boulder drops and shoot them at Gorimondo to make the maximum amount of damage. You can also stay close to this boss and hack away with a sword, but watch out for his stomping and jumping. Each stomp and jump will send damaging shockwaves across the ground. Gorimondo’s last attack is a crazy, earth-shattering spin that you should avoid by keeping your distance.

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