By now, players have surely grown into pros in taking on the Cube Monsters in Fortnite’s Sideways Anomaly. With the arrival of a new and even more vicious type of Cube Monster called Caretakers, players may need a bit of assistance with taking this very powerful creature down. Victoriously battling one of these Caretakers will earn players a proper reward.

Once the match starts, find the big purple glowing circle that’s symbolled on the map. When players arrive at the location, they will see the silhouette of the Boss Cube Monster moving around. Fire at it to open the Sideways Anomaly.

Screenshot via Epic Games
Screenshot via Epic Games

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Be sure to stay stocked up on ammo and med kits before taking on one of these Caretakers. Consistently fire at the Boss Cube Monster and dip in and out the Sideways to heal up when needed.

As long as players are heavily stocked with med kits and hard-hitting ammunition, persistence will be key in defeating one of Fortnite’s Boss Cube Monsters.

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