Marius’ birthday event, the Menagerie of Lights, runs from June 14, 2022, to June 25, 2022. It can be accessed from the event button on the home screen and is open to all attorneys who have completed Marius’ Personal Story 1-1. Most of the event objectives revolve around conducting Field Investigations, where you question and debate against participants of the block-building contest. These are specific to the event and are separate from Fieldwork. All resources, including Sincere Gifts for the event venue, and unlocking event stories rely on completing Field Investigations.

How to debate and question in Marius’ birthday event in Tears of Themis

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Many event tasks will require you to debate and question in the Menagerie of Lights. Start by heading to the event page and selecting Field Investigation. You can conduct 11 Investigations per day in groups of four, four, and three. These include two to three debates and one questioning stage, for a total of eight debates and three questioning stages per day. There’s a one-hour downtime between groups of participants, but you can immediately summon them using Participants List.

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Each debate costs 10 AP and will reward you with card skill level-up materials. You can only use Marius cards for both the Primary and Support deck. The recommended power level is between 23,000 to 45,000—you can achieve this even with just R cards put together for this event. Meanwhile, questioning stages either involve a quick Inspection or go straight to questioning. These don’t cost any AP to initiate and don’t contain any debates.

How many Field Investigations do you need to complete for Marius’ birthday event?

You need to complete about six days of the event (assuming you complete all 11 Investigations per day) to unlock Marius’ birthday celebration on June 21. This takes into account the fact that you need to purchase all venue decorations for 430 Sincere Gifts to trigger the celebration. When all venue decorations have been purchased, you would have also conducted enough Investigations to unlock the final event story. After Marius von Hagen’s birthday party is over, you can continue conducting Field Investigations until the event ends. This is a great way to farm his card skill level-up materials.

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