If you get infected in Project Zomboid, there is no way to get rid of it. Instead, you will need to learn how to prevent infections and what to do if you get bitten or scratched.

In short, if you get scratched by a zombie, you will need to disinfect and bandage the wound quickly. Every second is crucial as disinfecting the wound will lower the infection chance.

Scratches have a 7 percent chance of turning into an infection, and lacerations have a 25 percent chance. Because of this, it’s possible to survive either wound in the game and not turn into a zombie

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That said, once bandaged, leave the bandage on and only change if it becomes dirty. If the bandage becomes dirty, change it and repeat the process of disinfecting and bandaging the wound again.

Along with proper care of wounds, we recommend getting some rest until the wound goes away. However, if the wound becomes infected, it’s game over at that point, and it would be ideal for storing your loot before you die.

How to deal with a zombie bite in Project Zomboid?

If you are wondering how to deal with a zombie bite, there is no way. Once you get bitten, it’s game over, and you will eventually turn into a walking brain eater from the infection.

Bites also have a 100 percent chance to infect, so it’s best to take steps not to get bitten in the first place. First, we recommend wearing layers and searching for clothes that increase bite and scratch defense. 

Doing so will help stave off attacks from zombies and prevent bites, but don’t let them bite you more than once. The reason is that your clothes will only prevent bites and scratches a few times, and you can still get wounded if you get attacked enough. 

Besides wearing layers, we also recommend finding body armor and helmets to help protect you from the walking dead. We also recommend avoiding fighting more than one zombie at a time, as you can quickly get overwhelmed in larger fights.

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