There are many things you can do in Youtubers Life 2, from taking Instalife pictures to collecting recycling. But what about dancing? There are two ways you can dance in the game, one being a lot easier than the other.

Enter a Dance Challenge

On days where you see the Dance Challenge hashtag trend, you can find a dance challenge happening somewhere around town. The beach outside of Calypso Bar is a popular place for the group to dance. You can walk up to the leader of the dance party (they’ll be in the center, and they’ll be an NPC that you recognize) and interact with them to dance.

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Unlock Dances

If you want to be able to dance any time you want to, this route takes some time. You have to slowly work your way up in your various NPC relationships. You’ll have several special event opportunities with characters and be rewarded with dance moves, similar to when you receive items like Reaction Cards. You’ll then be able to activate them on your remote or keyboard at any time.

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