You those alien saucers that have been going around being a nuisance? Now it’s time to inflict some damage of your own to complete a Week 6 challenge.

This quest will not take long to do, as long as you know one thing. Upon dropping off the bus, you might notice that some of the named locations are colored purple instead of being the basic white. Why is that? Well, if a place is purple is means that a UFO is there. And these locations are where you can damage an alien-driven saucer.

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Just head to one of these purple locations, but potentially not straight away, as the better loot you have, the faster you can complete this quest. Preferably, if you had something long range would be perfect, but in all honesty, anything but a shotgun will be able to get the job done efficiently. And if you are interrupted by another player, you have a higher chance of taking them down.

This quest is only to damage an alien-driven saucer. You do not need to obliterate it or anything of the sort. As long as you are dealing damage to it, the challenge will be complete in no time flat.

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