Black Skylands main premise is about traveling the sky in your airship, which means that upgrading and customizing it is a massive mechanic in the title, but when can you start improving your ship?

To customize your ship, you need to first build a Ship Workshop. This will cost you x3 Wood and x1 Stone to do so, which are not hard to find straight away. Upon constructing this building, you can then interact with it and start upgrading your ship.

Each upgrade you create will alter the stats of your ship. When the stats change to Green, this means that the increase is a positive, but when Red, this is a negative. Not everything will always be Green. Sometimes you need to decide which stats you prefer for your playstyle.

Upon buying upgrades, this will increase your Ship’s Power level, which will allow you to liberate harder islands on the map.

There are four sections in the Ship Workshop menu:

  • Ship Components
    • Allows you to craft specific pieces for your ship, but all these cost materials to create.
      • Hull
      • Fuel Tank
      • Sail
      • Hold
      • Engine
      • Propeller
  • Ships
    • You can buy a whole new better ship. Sometimes even with a new gimmick like shields.
  • Cannons
    • Allows you to create new cannons for your ship.
  • Upgrades
    • This section is for population upgrades.

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