Apex Legends is a very personalized experience as far as battle royale games go. From the hero shooter elements, to picking your cosmetics. But during Season 11, the Raiders Collection Event patch took things a step further, allowing players to fully customize their weapon’s reticle color.

Customizing your reticle is easy to do, and there are options for simple changes, as well as more advanced ones. Shout-out to Respawn’s Senior Technical Experience Designer Justin Masse for answering my and others’ questions about the reticle system, which made this piece as accurate as possible. Here is how to customize your Reticle in Apex Legends.

How to get to the Custom Reticle screen

  • Open the menu in-game or via the gear icon in the lobby
  • Go to Settings
  • In the Gameplay tab, scroll down to Reticle
  • Click the Customize option in order to open the Custom Reticle screen

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Reticle Customization

The reticle color can be customized in three different ways. Note that these customizations do not affect the 1x Digital Threat optic, the 4x-10x Digital Threat optic, or Seer’s Heartbeat Sensor. It affects all other weapons, including the Bocek Compound Bow and iron sights. You cannot currently customize per reticle or per weapon, though we would love to see that in the future.

  • Recommended Favorites
    • The editor comes with five preset recommended colors: Yellow, Blue, Magenta, Seafoam, and Default (Red)
    • You can pick these from the sidebar on the right
  • Color and Brightness Sliders
    • For fine-tuning, the game also allows you to set your reticle color via two sliders: Color (Hue) and Brightness
    • There is currently no Saturation slider
  • Manual Entry
    • You can also manually enter a RGB value manually
    • If the reticle color is too dark, the color will be automatically set to a nearby more optimized color
    • If you have the hexcode for a color you want to use, you can use an online converter to find the RGB values for that color

Reticle Preview

You can also toggle between four different environments to preview your reticle on. Each of these environments also shows the reticle against light, medium, dark version of that environment. The four options are as follows:

  • Inorganic 1
  • Inorganic 2
  • Organic 1
  • Organic 2

You will also be able to see your previous reticle color and its RGB values next to the one you are currently choosing, in order to make fine-tuning and decision making as painless as possible.

Overall, the reticle quality-of-life change has made Apex Legends a more personalized, more accessible, and let’s be honest, more fun experience. Which color best suits you?

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