Customization is a staple part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, from tiles to clothing patterns to custom furniture. Players have a wide variety of options available at all times. Customizing furniture, however, works a little differently than tiles and patterns.

Customization Kits & Custom Design App

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Unlike the tiles and patterns that players are given at the beginning of the game, players need Customization Kits to customize their furniture. Players will gain access to the kits after completing Tom Nook’s workshop at the Resident Services office. He’ll grant the player a couple of kits, but later players will have to buy them from Nook’s Cranny for 600 Bells apiece.

These Customization Kits can be used on just about any kind of furniture and allows the player to pick from a couple of stock versions of it. However, there is another option players can use in conjunction with this method, which involves the Custom Design app.

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The Custom Design App, found on the player’s in-game cell phone, works much like the previous games’ versions of tiles and patterns. It lets the player design any sort of small pattern they desire, which then have to be used with Customization Kits for furniture.

You can take the piece of furniture and design to a workbench. Here, players can select the blank paintbrush option at the end of all the available design options, then select the desired design. Remember to check out what part of the furniture this pattern will affect before creating one. They will usually affect a part of the furniture that is supposed to be fabric only.

Update & Alternative Customized Furniture

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As of the free update 2.0, players will be able to have Cyrus customize items that they can’t customize on their own. Most of these items are outdoor-exclusive furniture like the lighthouse and Godzilla statue. This can only be done on Harv’s Island, though, so make sure to save up some tickets for these customizations.

With all this in mind, remember to have fun and express creativity with this tool. Don’t forget that other players can offer their designs for trade through the Nooklink and QR codes. However, this is only available to players with the Nintendo Switch Online membership.

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