Aloy’s adventure in the Forbidden West is replete with plenty of adversaries and enemies. To traverse the vast open world of Horizon, Aloy needs to choose her battles wisely. Whether that means starting a fight covertly or avoiding an encounter is entirely is up to player discretion, but crouching is integral in each instance. Make use of this handy mechanic during your time in Horizon to avoid unnecessary detection.

To crouch in Horizon Forbidden West, tap the Square button. Crouching allows Aloy to navigate the Forbidden West with far less noise, and this can prevent enemies from detecting her. Crouching in tall grass can also obscure Aloy from enemy machines, so long as they haven’t already noticed her. To stand up, simply tap the Square button again.

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Be sure to use the crouch mechanic early and often when implementing stealth. Sneaking up on unsuspecting enemies will grant Aloy a chance at a Critical Strike, a powerful stealth maneuver that can instantly kill weaker enemies and severely injure others.

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