Tower of Fantasy is an action RPG that curiously borrows some elements from other genres. One such tactic that isn’t likely to see much use is the ability to crouch and deliver sneak attacks. It’s not abundantly clear how to get even lower to the ground, especially on mobile. So, for those looking to channel their inner Solid Snake, read on.

Crouching in Tower of Fantasy

If you’re playing on PC, press Z to crouch. Any attack from this position will constitute a sneak attack. If you’re playing on mobile, there will be an icon of a person crouching in the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap that to get your squat on. A sneak attack is simply an attack carried out in a crouch where the target doesn’t detect you.

That’s about all there is to crouching and sneaking. When crouched, you’re better hidden from enemies, but you move at a snail’s pace. It definitely slows down the pace and it’s arguable if the payoff is worth the extra hassle. After all, what’s the point in stealth when most Simulacrum give you the ability to wipe out droves of enemies with ease?

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