One of the first things you need to do in Seed of Life is to cross the river, yet the game gives you no direction on how to do this. Sure, you can try swimming in the water to cross it, but the water is corrupted, and you’ll die within moments.

What you need to do is find two Petals that are embedded within Alien Technology around your house. Interact with this alien technology to remove the petal. Once the two are removed, this will remove the shield protecting your homestead and be able to progress on with the title.

The first petal is located near the back of your house. Head there, climb the stairs that are there and keep following the stairs to the right. Following the planks of wood, and you’ll come across the first piece of alien technology. These are hard to miss as they are bright purple. Interact with it, and the first petal is yours.

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The second petal is located near the first one. Once you’ve grabbed the first petal, head towards the area in front of you, and you’ll see a lighten-up construct. To the right of this hidden away is a small crevice where the second petal is located. So fall into the area in front of you, head into the crevice, interact with the alien device and acquire the second petal. This will disable the shield.

Now the path to your left is free to walk down, but you can’t progress any further. If you do, you’ll fall into the water and die. Instead, go back to the first petal location, and don’t fall down, rather skirt to the right, and the shield has now gone from this pathway too. Follow the new path, cross the small wooden bridge at the end, and you’ve now crossed the river.

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