Not long into Greak: Memories of Azur, you’ll have to enter Velhora Waterall, the area to the west of Raven’s Road Camp. If you travel to the far left as you possibly can on the surface, you’ll come across remnants of a broken bridge with spikes below. There is no way to get across. It’s way too far to double jump with Greak,

You cannot get over this large with any move or ability in Greaks arsenal. To get across is part of a story quest, so don’t read on further if you don’t want to have anything spoiled.

After you have found your sister Adara and started the quest to find your brother, Following His Light. You will have to have completed The Lycer Fortress quest for Valgor the Blacksmith to use the forge there. Upon ending that quest, Adara has a vision of snowy mountains, which means you need to head further east of the Velhora Waterfalls.

When you get to the broken bridge, an NPC called Jensi is there. Speak to him, and he is trying to find his partner Farven. He’ll cut down a tree to act as a makeshift bridge in exchange for delivering his letter. Deliver Jensi’s letter to Farven, and you’ll be instantly teleported back, and the bridge is now crossable once more.

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