Mods very much like armor will give you an advantage against all the foes you come across. Yet, finding these mods are purely random. Just explore and open every chest you come across in the hopes of finding one. But you can create them if all else fails.

To create a mod you need to find yourself a CoreTek Technical Machine somewhere on your run. By walking up to it a menu will appear with a list of options you can do. One of which is to Create a Mod Pack. Upon selecting that options, you have a choice of three mods packs you can create:

  • Bulk Mod Pack
  • Accuracy Mod Pack
  • Power Mod Pack

Select the one you desire, and a mod will be made and sent to your inventory.

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Take note of the number of Charges the CoreTek station has, as those charges indicate what you can do. By default, the CoreTek station has three charges, and to Create a Mod costs two charges—if the station only has one charge left, you will not be able to create a mod.

Keep a close eye on your minimap in the top left-hand corner for green pixels on your map. Green pixels indicate there’s something you can interact with, and hopefully, one is a CoreTek Technical Machine.

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