Playing Youtubers Life 2 is very fun, but sometimes it can get a bit boring. Shake things up a bit and become a rebel by spray painting some buildings in Newtube City!

Buying Canisters at Geektopia

Image via UPLAY Online

Geektopia is a shop that is a bit tucked away, but you can find help on the map. The store is located very close to the Play-Con stadium, with a fountain outside its storefront. Once you get inside the store, you’ll see many comics and other nerdy goods on the shelves. Walk up to the counter and select the Show Store option. Scroll until you see a spray canister. Purchase whichever ones you like.

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Find a Wall

Now equipped with some spray paint cans, you can leave the shop and look for available wall space for graffiti. You’ll notice a wall or window that already has graffiti present. There are a few of these throughout the city. Take your can from your backpack and approach the wall. Select the option to paint. Now you are free to graffiti!

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