Animal Crossing: New Horizons is all about kicking back and relaxing while hanging out with your favorite villagers. Many new additions in New Horizons aren’t present in other games in the series, such as changing the elevation of your island.

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Navigating these different elevations required either a ladder the player can carry with them or by commissioning ramps and stairs. But in the Version 2.0 Update, players will have a new way to get up and down their island. This is a standalone ladder.

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Players will have to purchase the Ladder Set-Up Kit Recipe from Tommy and Timmy’s shop. Once they have done this, they will be able to craft the ladder freely. There is no limit to how the player can navigate the different elevations on their island with these ladders, as ramps and staircases had a set limit.

Once they have crafted, players will simply need to go to where they want to set it up and then pull it out of their inventory. This tool can be permanently placed, which means the player doesn’t have to pull out their ladder to climb up and down anymore. Once played, players just need to walk up to it and interact with it to use it.

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