Moonbreaker is developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment and published by Krafton. Those familiar with Krafton will know that the publisher offers accounts that typically give in-game rewards. This may leave ou wondering how to create and link your Krafton account to Moonbreaker.

How to create a Krafton account for Moonbreaker

Creating a Krafton account is incredibly easy. Head to the Krafton account creation page and fill out the required fields. This includes birthday, email, password, and preferred nickname. Be sure to check your email for a verification code, and enter it back on the site. Once you do this, you will have created your Krafton Id and just need to link it.

You will first need to create a Krafton ID to connect it to your Moonbreaker profile. Once you do so, linking it to your Steam account is an easy process. Here is how to link your Krafton account and link it to Moonbreaker.

  • Sign in to your Krafton account in a browser.
  • Link your Steam account through the Krafton accounts page.
  • Go to the Moonbreaker page.
  • Opt into email marketing.
  • Register for the Moonbreaker Premiere Program.

You have until October 31, 2022, to create a Krafton account and link it to Moonbreaker to get the rewards. The first rewards will be distributed on November 3, 2022, automatically in-game.

All Krafton ID rewards in Moonbreaker

Currently, the only reward is a commemorative paint job for Crankbait. As Moonbreaker continues in early access, we will likely see more rewards being added through the Moonbreaker Premiere Program. Here are all rewards for linking your Krafton account to Moonbreaker.

  • Gloomside Crankbait

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