To create a cross-platform party, it is easiest to invite the other player as an Activision friend. Go to the Social Menu by pressing Triangle on PlayStation, Y on Xbox, and click Social in the upper right corner for PC. You can add Activision friends on the Friends tab.

Once they have accepted the friend invite, go to the Party tab in the Social Menu and press Invite Players. The other player will show up in the friends list regardless of what platform they are on. Once they accept, you will be in a cross-platform party.

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Players will be able to hear and speak to each other in the lobbies while in the Call of Duty: Vanguard party. PC players are able to join Xbox or PlayStation parties through apps, but console players will have to use the CoD party to speak to players on a different console.

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Crossplay is enabled by default, but make sure it is still enabled when trying to create a cross-platform party. To check if Crossplay is enabled, go to setting, then go to the Account & Network tab. The first option is Crossplay so check if it is enabled and jump into a match with your party!

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