Crafting Unknown Liquid XD-6353 in Lost Ark requires players to deal with a lot of Silver. Both NPCs needed to craft this are in the Origins of Stern Area of the Arthetine Continent.

Where are the Unknown Liquid XD-6353 ingredients?

Deberry is the first NPC you need to speak to. Deberry is in the Market District next to Neria’s Tavern. You’ll need to spend 1,540 Silver to buy 22 Unknown Crystals from him and then go to the Cooking Master.

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The Cooking Master will be next to Deberry and requires specific ingredients. Buy the following items at 400 Silver each:

  • IX-IX1X1I12123X1 — Buy three of these
  • IX-ILIL121lIILI1 — Buy four of these
  • IX-XX1XX31456XX11 — Buy five of these
  • NMNNNMNMNMNM-vwurnmn — Buy six of these
  • II-1I1I11I1I — Buy four of these
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You can then take these ingredients and buy Boiling Liquid for 1,700 Silver. Once you have this, wait five minutes for it to turn into Unknown Liquid XD-6353. You can right-click on this to get an entry in your Adventurer’s Tome.

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