If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to upgrade your Chocobo’s barding, you’ve come to the right place. While the Windswept Barding won’t change the stats of your Chocobo, this stylish suit of armor will fit right in among your collection of bardings. Below, we detail what it’ll take to make it.

Final Fantasy XIV – Making the Windswept Barding

The Windswept Barding can be acquired through two methods: crafting or by dropping after the fight with Barbariccia. Should you choose to craft the barding, it will require the following ingredients:

  • 3 Earth Cluster
  • 3 Eind Cluster
  • 1 Pearl of Winds
  • 2 Golden Silk
  • 1 Amynodon Leather
  • 2 Chondrite Ingot

Crafting the barding also requires Master Leatherworker X. In order words, the barding must be made by a leatherworker who is level 90 or above.

Another way to obtain the Windswept Barding is by defeating Barbaricia in the Storm’s Crown trial (extreme version). Should you be lucky enough to obtain crafting material after defeating a boss, you can then make bardings that replicate the style of the fallen foe. In this case, the armor would be the Windswept Barding that is reminiscent of Barbariccia’s style. The materials required should also be available on the marketboard if you can’t get the drop through the fight.

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