The Sweet Sweet Royal Jelly in Lost Ark is one of the easiest items to craft and will not cost much Silver. You will need at least 1,400 Silver to make the Sweet Sweet Royal Jelly.

You can find Honeycomb on the northwest side of Seaswept Woods in the Tortoyk Continent. It is on the southern edge of Wildflower Garden, in front of some rocks. The exact location is marked on the map below.

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You must take this to Supitsu to craft Sweet Sweet Royal Jelly.

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Supitsu is located in Mokoko Tavern, northwest of Whistle Plaza in Mokoko Village. She is located behind the fruit counter. You can make Sweet Sweet Royal Jelly with 1,400 Silver. Once this is crafted, you can right-click the Sweet Sweet Royal Jelly to add it to your Adventurer’s Tome.

If you want to fill up your Adventurer’s Tome, you can craft a lot of items, but we recommend starting with this one. Other items require a great deal of Silver, but this one is by far the cheapest and can be completed the moment Mokoko Village is open.

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