Slimes are an important aspect of Monster Harvest as play a large role in how your crops will grow and function. To craft slimes, you will need crystals. Different colored slimes can be crafted with different colored crystals.

Red slimes require five red crystals, blue slimes require five blue crystals, and green slimes require five green crystals. As you play the game, you will level up and unlock the crafting recipes for each slime. You can also craft super slimes by using five of a colored crystal and five mythic ore.

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Colored crystals can be found in the dungeon and can be recognized by their glow. They can be mined with a pickaxe and depending on the material of your pickaxe, can take one to two swings to break. Each broken crystal will reward the player with one crystal. Slimes can also be found wandering the wild and killing them will directly reward the player with one to two slimes.

Crystals and slimes spawn randomly so it is usually a good idea to mine them or kill them when they appear. At the start of your game, your Uncle will give you some slime to get you started. You can also purchase slimes at the Slimemory. So unless you’re swimming in money, the best way to get slimes is to craft them.

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