Sirius’s Tears is a collectible in Lost Ark that is incredibly expensive. Keep in mind that this will cost a good deal of your wallet to do, so we recommend only completing this cooking collectible if you have a lot of money to burn. First, you’ll need to find Bartender Isabelle in Shushire.

Where to find Sirius’s Tears in Shushire?

Bartender Isabelle can be found on the east side of Rigens Village at the Golden Anglerfish Casino. Sirius’s Tears are listed in the Ingredients Tab next to the Giant Ice Piece. It will cost you 1,000,000 Silver to buy this, making it more expensive than most items in the game.

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Buy it and right-click on it to drink it. The Cooking Collectible will be added to your Adventurer’s Tome, and you will have completed it.

Vodka is used to make this cocktail, which is said to be made from Sirius’ tears, the God of Ice in Shushire. Even so, we cannot recall any other Cooking Collectible costing this much before Shushire.

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