The Sceptrumpam 3mg in Lost Ark requires players to have gotten pretty far in the main storyline of Arthetine. You need to have unlocked the Heart of Sceptrum dungeon in the Nebelhorn area to do this. If you have not, then it’s impossible to craft this drink.

Where is the Sceptrumpam 3mg ingredient?

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Make your way through the dungeon until you reach the spot above. Be careful as there are discs spinning around that could harm you. Keep your mouse hovered over the southeast rail until you can investigate it. Move your character until you can dig in the ground without being disturbed by discs.

Where is the Cooking Master?

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The Cooking Master is found on the south side of the Origins of Stern Area, specifically the Market District. It is next to Neria’s Tavern. It is priced at 1,400 Silver and requires the ingredients you found.

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