Super People is currently in its Closed Beta Test phase, and it is the best time to get used to all the mechanics in the upcoming battle royale game. Crafting is one of the core mechanics of Super People, and players can craft top-tier weapons like the Mythical AKM in a match itself. 

Players can craft the Epic, Heroic, Legendary and Mythical versions for most of the weapons in-game. Every weapon will have five blueprint variants that are scattered all across the map. These blueprints are of different rarity, and you can only craft a specific rarity at one time. 

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So, to craft a Mythical AKM you will need one of all five mythical blueprints for this weapon. These blueprints are spread all across the map as floor loot, and you can identify them by their bright gold color. Here are the statistics for a fully upgraded Mythical AKM:

  • Damage: 32.4
  • Range: 60.0
  • Stability: 89.0
  • Capacity: 30
  • Fire Rate: 600
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After crafting the Mythical AKM you will automatically get four random attributes assigned at a set probability. Each weapon has a special attribute and players can customize these high-rarity weapons through crafting.

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