The Cykin Combat Ration Type C is one of the cheaper items to craft in Lost Ark. You only need 900 Silver and two ingredients in the Scraplands Area of Arthetine.

Where to find the Cykin Combat Ration Type C

The Cykin Combat Ration Type C is made with two ingredients, Vacuum-dried Powder X-1 and Vacuum-dried Powder X-3. Both of these are located in the Scaplands Area, as marked below.

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It’s hard to see the vacuum-died Powder X-3 because of a roof, but just hover your mouse over the roof when you’re in the location to find it. The Vacuum-dried Powder X-1 is next to a generator in a bag on the ground.

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Go to the Cooking Master in Market District in the Origins of Stern Area when you have both ingredients. It is located next to Neria’s Tavern.

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Talk to Cooking Master to open its shop, and buy the Cykin Combat Ration Type C for 900 Silver.

Go to your Inventory and right-click on the Cykin Combat Ration Type C to use it. Your character will note that their stomach hurts afterward, but you’ll get the entry in your Adventurer’s Tome.

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