Farming Clay is relatively easy in V Rising and can be found in crates, on corpses, barrels, and chests in various strongholds. They can be used to craft Clay Molds and make many statues and gargoyles, but they require some work. Players will have to take out some bosses for some recipes as well as have a good source of water near them. This is how to craft Clay Mold in V Rising.

Crafting Clay Mold In V Rising

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The recipe for Clay Mold is nine Clay and one Water Filled Canteen. Clay can be found in various places in the Farbane Woods. Settlements all around can carry Clay in Chests, barrels, crates, or dropped by Bandits. Players will need to farm Clay, Animal Skin, and Plant Fibre in order to get all the ingredients. They will also have to find and defeat Keely the Frost Archer for the recipe for an Empty Canteen.

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Crafting Empty Canteens

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After defeating Keely the Frost Archer, players can create Leather by using 16 Animal Skins. With both four Leather and 20 Plant Fibre, an Empty Canteen can be made. Using either a built Water Supply, researched at the Research Desk, or traveling to a river, players can fill the Empty Canteen with water. With both the Water Filled Canteen and Clay, players can craft Clay Mold in the Furnace and build statues, gargoyles, and other decorations in the Castle.

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