The Cashew Cashew Smoothie in Lost Ark does not require excessive exploring, but it does require a lot of Silver. You will need at least 366,200 Silver to make the Cashew Cashew Smoothie.

You can purchase the Red Cashew Berries at the Mokoko Village in Tortoyk. Talk to Purpur on the eastern side of Whistle Plaza. She will sell you the Red Cashew Berries for 30,000 Silver. To purchase it, you can press Exchange next to the price. You need to buy at least 10 Red Cashew Berries.

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It may take more than one attempt to make one Fine Cashew Powder, so you may need to come back more than once. Next, you must craft Cashew Flour (coarse) from Supitsu.

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Supitsu is located in Mokoko Tavern, northwest of Whistle Plaza in Mokoko Village. She is located behind the fruit counter. You can make Cashew Flour (coarse) with 400 Silver, which will either become Fine Cashew Powder or Rough Cashew Powder.

Once you have at least 10 Rough Cashew Powder and 2 Fine Cashew Powder, you can craft a Cashew Cashew Smoothie. This will cost 1,400 Silver but is done with Supitsu as well. After crafting it, right-click to use it and it will be added to your Adventurer’s Tome.

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