In Praey for the Gods, you will battle enemies and giant beasts. You will need to scavenge or craft weapons and ammunition to do so. One weapon you will rely on is your bow. But to use it properly, you will need arrows. You can find them in the world, usually stuck in a body, or craft them.

To craft arrows in Praey for the Gods, you will need wood. Once you have gathered some, open your menu and go to the supplies tab. Select the wood, and a new menu will open. You will see many different icons, but you will want to click on the arrow icon. This is how to craft arrows in Praey for the Gods.

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Arrows are useless without a bow so make sure you have it equipped before firing an arrow. You have a finite supply of arrows until you craft or find more, so make sure each shot counts. Keeping a good stock of arrows will let you take enemies out from afar.

Shooting the bow can be tricky at first, so you may waste some arrows. However, you will become a good shot in time, and each arrow you fire will find its mark, though!

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