The Apex Legends Monsters Within event launches on October 12th and features a very exciting addition to events in the game. The cosmetic items in the Monsters Within event will be available to craft during the event. Still, they will also be available after the event concludes and will be in the normal Apex Legends Pack pool.

This means that you will find the expected 40 event cosmetics in all Apex Packs, even after the event. Like previous events, when Monsters Within launches, players will be able to purchase event packs, which contain a guaranteed event item, or purchase individual cosmetics with either Apex coins or Crafting Metals. However, after the event concludes, players can still craft the Monsters Within cosmetics with Crafting Metals.

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The leaked information also indicates that after two seasons, the Monsters Within cosmetic items may be discounted. While two seasons may seem like a long time, the planned discount could hint that future event items will also be available after events and later receive a discount.

The Monsters Within event also features the most cosmetic items, including spooky skins, vintage horror movie banners, and more. Monsters Within Packs have an equal chance at all forty event items, so the chances of getting one of the legendary or exotic skins are lower, but being in the normal Apex packs and being available to craft makes up for it.

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