To make a hopper in Minecraft, you will need a total of six iron ingots and one chest placed in a v-shaped pattern, as shown below.

Overall, making hoppers is extremely easy as they only require iron and a wooden chest. You can get the iron you need by mining iron ore and then smelting it down via a furnace and a wooden chest by filling every slot in a crafting station except the middle slot. 

However, if you have some issues getting the ore you need, we recommend finding a cavern and exploring. Eventually, you will find iron as it is ubiquitous in the early parts of caverns. After that, you will have everything you need to craft a hopper and can then use it for various things in the game. 

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How to use a hopper in Minecraft?

Players can use a hopper in Minecraft to transfer items to other locations such as chests by place the resources inside the hopper and have the hopper connected or right next to a chest. 

This method also can be used to transfer resources between crafting stations such as a furnace, thus making an auto smelter in the game. That being said, If you want to learn more about how to make an auto smelter, we will have a guide linked above. 

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