Expeditions: Rome’s crafting system is divided into three parts: EquipmentTactical, and Upgrade. These all have the same menus, but they only change what the player does. In the Equipment tab, new items are created. In the Tactical tab, tactical items are created for use in battle. In the Upgrade tab, items are upgraded.

Before crafting, players must have made an armory in their Outpost. The armory is next to the smith’s shop, which has a big anvil and other materials. The player must have praetorians assigned to the armory in the Outpost to craft or upgrade items.

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  • Crafting Queue – Shown on the top. This shows how many items are being crafted and when. Every time you decide to craft an item, it will be added to the queue.
  • The Schematics List – Shown on the left. It contains all of the schematics that the player knows. More are unlocked as the player loots enemies and chests.
  • Material Costs – The ring in the center displays the cost of crafting or upgrading materials. You can find crafting materials by exploring the game world, looting enemies, or dismantling items not needed. The crafting time is displayed below this ring.
  • Item Preview – Shown on the right. Displays the expected result. It is not guaranteed, so it typically has a number range that the result could be. The skills are also randomized, but the item will always display the maximum amount a player can receive.

It’s not too late to change the difficulty if it’s too hard. Read What difficulty should I choose? Difficulty Levels in Expeditions: Rome for more on difficulty levels! For more info, guides, and news on Expedition: Rome, stay here on Pro Game Guides!

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