Praey for the Gods takes its inspiration from Shadow of the Colossus and combines elements of open-world survival games. This includes scavenging, crafting, and survival elements such as sleep, hunger, and temperature. An excellent way to take care of the cold is with a campfire.

To craft a campfire in Praey for the Gods, you will need to get your hands on some wood. Once you have it, go to your supplies and click on wood. This opens a new crafting window. Select the first icon, which looks like a campfire. This will craft a campfire.

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One thing to note is that crafting a campfire will take you out of the menu, and your character will be creating the campfire. This will immediately place it where you are standing and not add it to your inventory. So make sure you are ready to craft it when you click on it!

A campfire will provide warmth and keep the cold away. Both of these will help you survive in Praey for the Gods, so make sure you keep some wood on hand for emergencies.

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