One of the most annoying types of players in Roblox Bedwars is the Rushers. You can find such players in almost every casual Roblox BedWars match. While they might be annoying at first, they are one of the less-witty players to counter if you have a proper plan and strategy. The best way to counter any rusher is to knock them off the blocks as soon as they start moving towards your base, but it can get tricky if they gang up.

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Best Tips & Tricks to Counter Rushers in Roblox Bedwars

The following list contains some common tips and tricks that will help you counter against the rushers.

  • As soon as the match begins, analyze your nearby teams and mark those teams that possess a potential threat to your base.
  • If you see any player rushing towards you, try to knock him on the platform itself. The best way to knock off any rushing enemies is to use the bow and arrow.
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  • The other best option to knock enemies off is to use TNT. They cost very little can easily counter any rushers that gang up.

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  • If you are not good at aiming, you can always counter rushers in close range using iron swords and iron armors.
  • Buy blocks from the item shop and place them vertically on the path between you and the rusher. The technique can stop the rusher temporarily while you gear up. 
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  • Try to protect your bed by building blocks around it. The blocks should be randomly placed and have no order to them. The disorderly pattern can come in handy when you are dead and need some time to respawn.
  • Scare your opponents by standing near the pathway and baiting them with your weapons.
  • Once you have knocked off the rusher, it’s time to get aggressive and destroy his bed. They will be vulnerable without any items and can be taken down easily.

Remember, these are just small pocket strategies and techniques that help you react better in such circumstances. Also, the above-prescribed methods apply to all types of game modes in Roblox Bedwars.  

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