Cookie Logging is a controversial and generally unfavorable practice done by some Roblox players. Is it illegal? How do you do it? How do you prevent it?

Cookie Log Common Questions

Cookie Logging is a practice that collects the cookies from a Roblox user’s site session. The Cookie Log hacking is usually targeted at Roblox developers, as the information they have in their accounts surrounding their games is very valuable. Read below to get more information about Cookie Logging.

Is Cookie Logging Illegal/Against Roblox ToS?

Cookie Logging is 100% against the Roblox terms of service and community guidelines. If you see a player trying to engage in Cookie Log activity, report them. As far as whether or not Cookie Logging is illegal, that depends on many factors. Overall, Cookie Logging is considered a form of Cross-Site Scripting, which is illegal in many countries. There is a large issue with the lack of enforcement, similar to laws around Piracy that are rarely enforced.

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How do I avoid being Cookie Logged?

The first and best way to avoid being Cookie Logged is to never open or share links with a person you do not trust. Another way is to add 2-Step Verification to your Roblox account. You will also want to avoid downloading any unknown materials from places like Discord.

How do I Cookie Log?

Cookie Logging is done by creating a Cookie Log JavaScript that can access the intended user’s .ROBLOSECURITY cookie. You will use this in conjunction with the EditThisCookie extension and a Webhook Creator. Accessing this will allow you to access normally protected user information.

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