Praey for the Gods combines Shadow of the Colossus’ giant bosses with features found in a survival game. One such feature is the need to keep your character well fed. In addition to staving off hungry, eating food will heal you and restore your health. So you might be wondering how to cook food in Praey for the Gods.

You will need a campfire to cook food in Praey for the Gods. But you cannot just craft a campfire and cook up some food. Instead, you must find one of the pre-built fire pits with a spit over it. Once you find one, add wood to start the fire. You can then open your inventory and select the food you want to cook by clicking the icon with the fire and pot.

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Since you cannot cook meat at any point in the game, it would be good to remember where these pre-built fire pits are. Then you will want to stockpile some meat and bring them to the fire. Once you begin cooking, a cut scene will play, but you can skip it if you want.

Cooked meat will provide more benefits than eating raw food, so it is in your best interest to cook. Hunt the wildlife in Praey for the Gods to collect plenty of meat!

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