Since Disney Dreamlight Valley has creative gameplay and an art style reminiscent of The Sims series, you may wonder if there’s a similar way to “cheat”, so you can build and decorate to your heart’s content. While there are no official cheat codes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, there is currently a way to cook yourself up some star coins: The Soufflé recipe.

How to make Soufflé in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Soufflé is a four-star recipe made with four ingredients: Butter, CheeseEgg, and Milk. All of these ingredients are purchased from Chez Remy. Remy’s restaurant is unlocked by completing his quests in the Ratatouille Realm, then inviting him back to your Village. You’ll then need to purchase a Restaurant Kit from Scrooge McDuck for 2,000 star coins and provide Remy with some start-up ingredients:

  • Oregano x 10
  • Carrot x 15
  • Raspberry x 15
  • Wheat x 25

All of these ingredients are easily obtained from the Peaceful Meadow Biome. Once Chez Remy is unlocked, you can purchase all four ingredients in the back of the kitchen.

How to get Star Coins quickly using the Soufflé recipe Disney Dreamlight Valley

All four Soufflé ingredients together cost 840 star coins. But cook them up, and you’ll be able to sell each Soufflé to Goofy for 1,230 star coins. Bringing your total profit to 390 star coins for each Soufflé cooked. It can be a repetitive process, and you’ll need to make sure you have plenty of Coal Ore each time you cook, but cooking and reselling Soufflé is a very quick way to build up star coins.

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