If you want anything done in Going Medieval, you are first going to need to make sure your settlers are fed, and the easiest way to do this is to cook food.

That said, to cook foods such as cooked meat, you will need to place a campfire down by going into the production tab and clicking on it.

However, you will also need to build a butchering table so that your settlers can prepare the meat you get out on hunts to be cooked – you can also build this table via the production table.

Once both are placed, give a few moments for someone to run over and construct each station. When this happens, click on the station and then start a production depending on your supplies. Also, to speed production of meat up, make sure to have a settler set to high priority with cooking.

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Doing so will send a settler to cook meat for your people fast as possible without delay, as long as you have them set to it.

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Make sure to turn down any other jobs if you want this villager to focus on that job alone, and make sure they have a decent skill level in cooking as well. You can check this by hovering the cursor over the skill in jobs.

As you progress, you will also be able to unlock better ways of cooking your food, such as smoking via a smokehouse and cooking lavish meals with a brick and limestone hearth.

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