To cook any food item in Breakwaters, players will need to build a specific type of building item called food contraptions. In general, contraptions are a type of building item that players are able to place down in Breakwaters.

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But if you want to cook food in Breakwaters, you need to build one of three food contraptions. All Contraptions will need to be made inside a builder’s bench, so before you can get a jump start on cooking, you will need to make a builder’s bench.

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To make a builder’s bench is simple: just gather eight seagrass and ten branches. When you get the right amount of both resources, craft the bench by going into the first page of your inventory. Then, place the bench down.

After the bench is placed, you will be able to craft any of the three food contraptions in the game by going into the contraption section of the builder’s bench.

That said, here’s the full list of all food contraptions you can make in the game at its current state of early access and what resources you need to craft them. 

Food ContraptionsResources Required
Firepit4 Redstone
Roasting Pot6 Pine Log, 5 Seagrass, 5 Redstone
Grilling Table 6 Pine Log, 5 Seagrass, 5 Redstone, 1 Iron Ore

Once you craft any of the food contraptions listed above, you will be able to cook food by placing both food and a fuel source inside the contraption.

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