Overwatch 2 is the latest iteration/edition in the long-running Overwatch series. Being a tactical, ability-based shooter game like Valorant, several existing Valorant players are trying their hands at Overwatch 2. While most of the ability/movement controls are similar to Valorant, people tend to confuse themselves with the sensitivity settings as both the games are built on different engines, Unreal Engine, and Blizzard Proprietary Engine. So, for all those confused players who are struggling to find the correct sensitivity settings for Overwatch 2. Don’t worry! We have you covered with a detailed guide explaining it.

To convert your Valorant sensitivity to Overwatch 2, multiply your current sensitivity by a factor of 10.60. For example, if your current Valorant sensitivity is 0.5, then your Overwatch 2 sensitivity should be 5.3 when multiplied by the prescribed factor. Calculate and input your sensitivity into the controls menu to play identical to Valorant. 

How to change mouse sensitivity in Overwatch 2?

To change sensitivity in Overwatch 2, follow the given steps.

  • Open the game and be available in the main menu.
  • Click on the Options or Esc from the bottom right corner.
  • In the Settings menu, hover over to the controls section.
  • Under the mouse settings, change the sensitivity percentage to match your sensitivity calculated using the above formula.

Does it apply to controllers as well?

No, these settings do not apply to the controller players. The settings conversion method is only for migrating mouse and keyboard players.

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