If you have ever wanted the Sims in your worlds to be more independent and make their own decisions to make them feel like real neighbors, then this update is for you! Choose how much control these townies have over their lives using the Manage Households settings.

How Neighborhood Stories Affects Your Sims

The new Neighborhood Stories free update in The Sims 4 now adds a new layer of detail to your gameplay. Your unplayed households in your neighborhood will now make autonomous decisions such as moving, divorcing, having kids, and more. This can make your world feel more alive and realistic. Thankfully, for those who do not desire this feature, it can be limited or disabled.

How to Edit Household Settings

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

To edit your neighborhood households, you’ll go into the world that you are currently playing in (for example, Willow Creek) and find the Manage Households button at the top right of the screen. Once there, select the double arrow either at the top right to edit all households or click on the double arrow on a family to edit them specifically. Now you can check off or on any of the features you want to be autonomous. If you leave them checked, Sims in unplayed households will do these things without your control.

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