Disney Dreamlight Valley brings our favorite Sea Witch, Ursula, into the game fairly quickly. Although, since she is limited to movement in the water, she can be one of the more difficult characters to find and befriend (try giving her Pottage!). If you befriend her, you’ll be able to complete her unique quest line.

Ursula’s questline in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After completing the Dazzle Beach cave Story Quest, Ursula will be able to leave her cave. She’ll ask you to build a home for her, kicking of this questine:

  • Lair Sweet Lair:
    • Place the blueprint somewhere in the water along Dazzle Beach’s shoreline, then pay Scrooge McDuck 10,000 coins to build Ursula’s lair.
    • Speak to Ursula, who will ask you to sneak around the village for… paper. You can agree to her plan or talk to Merlin, who doesn’t object but will offer to let the Villagers know you’ll be borrowing the paper from their houses.
Paper found on Merlin's desk inside his home in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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  • Lair Sweet Lair: Continued
    • The paper you’re looking for will look like a notepad. You can find the paper at three locations: on Merlin’s desk, Goofy’s coffee table, and Mickey’s dining table.
    • Bring the paper back to Ursula. She’ll ask you to make a Magical Ink and Scroll Kit using the following ingredients:
      • The three paper pieces that you found.
      • Six Dream Shards
      • One Empty Vial. It’s made from three glass pieces. You’ll need 15 sand and three coal ores to make the glass.
      • Two Purple Pigments. It’s made at the crafting table with eight Purple Falling Penstemons and eight Purple Rising Penstemons.
    • Give Ursula the Magical Ink and Scroll Kit, and she’ll give you a Bream and Shrimp in return. Seems to us like you got the bad end of the bargain, but that’s probably what you get for making a deal with Ursula.
  • Magic Moments:
    • You must have reached friendship level four with Ursula to unlock this quest.
    • Ursula wants to know more about Mother Gothel’s curse, but she is holding out on her. Go talk to Mother Gothel. She’ll agree to explain her curse in exchange for a favor. She needs some food to keep her energy up and wants two plates of Sushi made from any fish and Rice, and a Lobster Roll made from Lobster, Wheat, Lemon, Butter, and Garlic.
    • Mother Gothel will give you a Corrupted Flower in exchange for the food. Give this flower to Ursula to complete the quest.
  • The Ritual:
    • You must have reached friendship level seven with Ursula, invited Moana back to your village, and unlocked the Sunlit Plateau to start this quest.
    • Talk to Ursula. She needs a conch shell (uh oh, this sounds familiar…) and wants you to ask Moana for one. Moana will happily give it to you if you ask.
    • After that, you’ll need to gather the following:
      • Five aquamarines (found by mining in Dazzle Beach or the Forest of Valor)
      • Six squids (found by fishing in the Glade of Trust or the Forgotten Lands)
      • And another Empty Vial (Crafted via three glass pieces, which are crafted from 15 pieces of sand and three coal ores)
    • Use all of these to craft an Enchantment Potion and bring it back to Ursula. She’ll use the potion to create an Enchanted Flower
    • Take the flower and plant it nearby the Dazzle Beach puzzle cave, then watch the magic happen. Return to Ursula when you’re finished to complete this quest.

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