The Event Card has given Guardians a new way to tackle challenges during Destiny 2’s 2022 Solstice event. There are 24 challenges that must be completed to unlock the coveted Flamekeeper Seal in addition to providing the Kindling required to upgrade the Candescent armor. Some of these are straightforward while others are a bit confusing. Torch the Taken, in particular, is a touch confounding.

Torch the Taken Triumph – Destiny 2 Guide

This triumph is a little misleading in its text. Rather than simply killing any Taken, Guardians need to specifically kill Majors. Even more specifically, it appears to be the Majors that spawn in Bonfire Bash. There are a total of two per activity.

The Bonfire Bash activity can be activated when in the Tower or from the Tower location within the Director. For Guardians who have been around for a season or two, it’s the same process that other holiday events have followed.

This isn’t the first time, or likely the last time, that Bungie has been a little too vague with quest steps or directions. As such, many Guardians immediately take to forums in an effort to figure out what exactly it is they’re supposed to do. Either way, now you know which Taken need to be taken out.

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