To complete the Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Challenge in BitLife, players will need to achieve the following main objectives:

  • Buy a food truck business for 5+ years
  • Run a marijuana dispensary business for 5+ years
  • Engage in 10+ team-building exercises
  • Take 50k+ in bonuses from a company
  • Sell a company for a 100k+ profit

Completing BitLife’s Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Challenge is easy once you know how to achieve each objective in the challenge. Start by creating any character of your choice, and then follow the steps below.

Before starting the Wheelin’ & Dealin’ challenge, you must buy the Jobs Pack in BitLife, as the complete challenge revolves around the DLC. You can purchase the DLC from the in-game store for $4.99

How to buy a food truck business in BitLife 

To own a food truck business in BitLife, you must have a minimum bank balance of $300K. The best way to accumulate such money is to have a short career in any high-paying lucrative field or ask for money from your family members. We recommend becoming a Lawyer or Doctor as they pay more than enough from Day 1. Once you have $300K, you can own a food truck from the Special Careers section and run the business for another five years to finish the first objective.

Job Special Career > Business Own a Business > Buy a Food Truck Business 

How to run a marijuana dispensary business in BitLife 

Similar to the first objective, you will need to own a marijuana dispensary to run one. You will need a minimum of $2 million to start a marijuana dispensary. So, it’s advisable to work in a high-paying field for a minimum of 10 years before starting both your businesses.

How to engage in 10+ team-building exercises in BitLife 

Once you have a business, you can engage your employee in fun activities like camping, fishing, or scavenger hunting to improve morale and team bonding. To do this, choose any team-building event from the Job section.

Job CEO Activities > Team Buidling >Any Team Activity.

How to take 50k+ in bonuses from a company in BitLife 

To complete the fourth task in the Wheelin’ & Dealin’ challenge, you must take more than a 50k+ bonus from a company. Just pull out a 50k from one of your companies from the activities section.

Job CEO Activities > Bonus >Take out $50k from your Company Capital.

How to sell a company for a 100k+ profit in BitLife 

The last and ultimate task is to sell one of your two companies with a margin of 100k+ profit. Run at least one of your companies with full focus by inventing new products and marketing them properly. With time, your company will prosper and start earning profits. Sell the company at this point and make the prescribed profit margin.

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