One of Destiny’s most acclaimed raids is returning to Destiny 2. King’s Fall was released shortly after Season 18 hit the scene. It takes players back to the harrowing final moments of the Taken King expansion and sees the fall of Oryx. So it’s little shock that the Warpriest challenge would return alongside the raid.

What is the Warpriest Challenge in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall Raid?

The Warpriest Challenge is a fairly straightforward affair when compared to some of the other raid challenges. The Challenge simply requires the fireteam to beat the Warpriest fight by having a different aura (Breath of the Initiate) holder each time.

The Warpriest encounter is a fun challenge that requires Guardians to be quick on their feet. The only way to damage this towering menace is through the Breath of the Initiate aura. This is gained by performing a random glyph sequence with pads scattered around the room. If the Guardian equipped with the aura doesn’t kill an enemy in 10 seconds, they will die and the aura will be transferred to another Guardian.

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