To complete the wap challenge in Bitlife, you will need to achieve the following objectives.

  • Be born female in New York
  • Become a stripper
  • Become a famous rapper 
  • Have 2+ double-platinum singles
  • Bathe 5+ cats

To start the wap challenge, you will first need to create a female character and pick New York as your starting country. As you age up, be sure to practice with both a musical instrument and singing skills until you are around the age of 18 – this will become important later

Keep practicing both music and singing skills until you finish high school, and when you do, look for a stripper job and apply to it.

Once you are a stripper, you will need to focus on becoming a famous rapper. To do this, you will need to release only rap albums as a solo artist. 

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So to become a solo artist, you will need to apply to record labels as a solo singer and produce only rap albums. You can produce only rap albums by checking and making sure a record label is only offering a contract for rap music. 

That said, keep making rap albums until a few sell enough copies to be considered platinum singles – you will need at least two of these to complete the platinum singles objective. An album will also need to sell at least 2 million before it will mark it as a platinum single in the game.

After this, you will need to adopt five cats and bathe them by going into the relationship tab for each of your five cats and choosing the bathe option. 

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