Now that you’ve reached a friendship of level 10 with Remy and he knows that he can trust you, it’s time for his final quest. Here’s how you can help your favorite Disney rat rediscover one of his favorite recipes.

How to finish Remy’s last quest in Dreamlight Valley

Once Remy has reached level 10 and you’ve unlocked the Sunlit Plateau, speak to Remy. He’ll tell you that he’s trying to remember a special dessert that he used to love but has forgotten. Go ask Merlin for some help and Merlin will ask you to dig through the recipe notes in his library. Head into Merlin’s house and investigate the bookshelves that line the back wall until you find some golden sparkles.

The recipe you will unearth requires three purified night shards, which means you’ll need to take 15 night shards and 3 dream shards to the crafting station. Once you have the purified night shards, take them to WALL-E. WALL-E will crush the purified night shards into a powder. Combine the powder with 15 snowballs at a crafting station to make ice slush.

Return to Remy with the ice slush, which will then become a permanent fixture available for purchase at Chez Remy.

At this point, Remy will hand you a recipe for vanilla ice cream. Use the recipe to learn it and then combine one of each of the following ingredients at a stove:

  • Vanilla
  • Sugarcane
  • Milk
  • Slush Ice

With this, you will create four-star vanilla ice cream. Give the ice cream to Remy, which will both finish the quest and give you the best chef shelf.

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