To complete the Tanya Bregar challenge in BitLife, players will need to complete the following objectives. 

  • Be born a female in Canada
  • Have a perfect relationship with a rabbit named Coco
  • Amass a million followers on social media
  • Have at least ten children
  • Burgle at least ten houses
  • Marry Rich

To start the Tanya Bregar challenge in Bitlife, players will need to first create a character who is born in Canada and is also a female. After creating their character, they will need to age up to the point where they can have a social media account. 

They will need to have an account on either Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram and gain one million followers. Pick one and frequently post on that account while also maintaining perfect stats as the chances of you gaining more followers will increase if you have decent stats.

Make a lot of posts every year, and you should gain a lot of followers as the years go by. However, you can gain even more followers if your looks stat is high and you post “sexy picture or thirst traps” by selecting them under the post-activity. 

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As you get followers by posting at least 20 to 40 things every year, you will also need to get a rabbit and name them Coco and have a perfect relationship with them.

You can get a rabbit by visiting the pet store, and you can also name it Coco after you get it. Once you have the rabbit, play with it, and spend time with it under its relationship tab to bring its total relationship meeter to perfect. 

After the rabbit, you will then need to have at least ten kids and burgle ten houses. To get ten kids, simply have tons of unprotected sex and give birth every time you get pregnant. You will also need to marry at least one person and they will need to be rich.

So to marry a rich person simply look for a date via a dating app and date one that has a high wealth meeter. Improve their relationship while dating them and then propose to them when the time is right. For the last objective, you will need to burgle ten houses. To burgle ten houses, visit the crime activity tab and select the burglary option. 

It’s a really difficult task, as you will need to steal items from houses without getting caught, and you will also need to do it ten times. We recommend stealing at least one item from each house and leaving as soon as possible to avoid getting caught. Do all of this, and you will complete this week’s challenge.

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